Northern Goshawk -Soaring Majesty Series By Charles Frace'
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The Northern Goshawk - By Charles Frace'

Collector Plate titled " The Northern Goshawk" Second Issue in the Collection entitled "Soaring Majesty". 1991 Bradex No. 84-G20-47.2, Plate Number 10587A. Crafted in fine china under the hallmark of W. S. George and Sponsored by the World Center for Birds of Prey. This plate is produced in an edition strictly limited to a maximum of 150 firing days.

Plate is the second issue in the "Soaring Majesty" collection, and was created by the artist Charles Frace. a limited edition and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It is heavy for its size, which is 8.5" in diameter, is banded in 22-karat gold, and well made. It comes in its original packaging with certificate of authenticity. The Goshawk has a large wing span of almost 4 feet. It also possess the agility to dart through dense forests in pursuit of prey. Its resourcesfulness has helped the Goshawk surive their shrinking habitant.

Goshawk plate is 8 inches in diameter. It wil be shipped in the original box along with the certificate of authentiticy. If you love viewing wildlife you will really enjoy this plate. It is true to life.

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