"Merry Little Indian Figurine" - By DeGrazia
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"Merry Little Indian" is the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of 12,500 pieces. 1976-1986 The little boy sits astride his merry-go-round horse with the cheerful innocence that characterizes each of DeGrazia's children. This piece is 7-1/2" tall. . #7380-10-321-01-6, #48. .Figurine was produced in 1985 and initialed in 1986.  Merry Little Indian comes in the original box.

The artist of this piece was Ted DeGrazia, a much loved artist from Tucson, Arizona. His subjects were mainly Indian children (the only ones who have faces in his work). He died in 1982, but his art work has remained very popular.

This Figurine is SOLD OUT and has been (RETIRED).

I only have 1 left in stock.

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