Forever Friends - Man O' War & Will Harbut Print - By Fred Stone
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"Forever Friends"  - Man O' War & Will Harbut - 6" x 6-1/2" Print  - By Fred Stone

Custom Size Print of Equine Art by Fred Stone. Personally signed by Fred Stone.
Image size: Approximately 6" - 6-1/2",  A beautiful small Print for any home.   

Man O' War stood beside Will Harbut, his gleaming head held high, his eyes blazing and ears alert.  He seemed enormous.  He was truly the John Barrymore making an interance.  

"Big Red" as Man O' War occasionally would nuzzle Will as though he heard all this and approved.  Will would tell him to "Stan still, Red, these folks want to know all about your racing record.  Big Red "Man O' War and Will would be "Forever Friends".  


Copyright © ANGEL WINGS ART, Poway, California