"Early Downtown Houston" - Western Art Lithograph - By G.Harvey
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Houston, a center of commerce then as now. The vibrant personality of turn of the century Houston is captured in this 18" x 27" lithograph by G. Harvey. You're at the corner of Texas Avenue looking north on Main Street. On your left is the old Capitol Hotel, built on the site of the first Texas capitol building and today is the site of the Rice Hotel. One can almost feel the movement, the turn of activity that has always made Houston the symbol of life in the fast lane.

The changing face of America is reflected in the work, in the genius of a nation's foremost artists. G. Harvey, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, Wayne Wolfe, James Boren, Paul Strisik, Oleg Stavrowsky, Ray Swanson, Duane Bryers and more. Their talent will be showcased on various Western Art Sales. No one better chronicles the people, the incidents, and the landscape that capture America as it was, as it is. No one.

In Houston, only a fortunate few will own these great works of art created by a chosen group of great American artists.

This lithograph is # 1049 of 1250. Lirhograph image size is 18" x 27" It is signed and numbered by the artist, G. Harvey.

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