"Pennsylvania Avenue" - 1988 - Artist - G. Harvey
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G. Harvey's lifelong dedication to representing America's heritage, spirit and tradition on canvas has been rewarded with critical acclaim as well as a lenghy list of devoted collectors.

This lithograph is A Special Time-Limited Edition. by G. Harvey, renowned artist of the turn of the century cities, paints our nations capitol for the first time in a tribute to the ideals and dreams of our forefathers.

Privately commissioned and published by Somerset House Limited, "Pennsylvania Avenue" reflects the hustle and bustle of Washington, D. C., revealing the robust nature of G. Harvey's American in transition. Now you can enjoy this valuable and awe-inspiring piece by G. Harvey, master of American art. This Special Edition was available only through Election Day, November 8th, 1988..

Image size 18" x 30" Signed and Numbered, this lithograph is # 219 of 745.

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