'SARAH MAE' Little girl holding Doll and Teddybear - Artist: Jan Hagara
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"Sara Mae" by Artist Jan Hagara is one of the very popular 8 x 10 Limited Edition Print.  It is matted and only needs to be framed to capture the beauty of this little girl.  Sara Mae gets to hold both a bear and a doll.  This smallish size is able to go where the larger ones can't.  Also a great "starter" print for someone who hasn't been into collectctibles or doesn't (yet) have the budget for them.  We all need to collect something, and thousands of people have seen the joy of collecting the many products of Jan Hagara.  

You probably have not seen Jan Hagara's art prints or products at a nearby store, or at least not in a lot of stores in your area.  During the period time these prints were in stores it was a very limited line.

Sara Mae would add a wonderful decorating print to a Childs room. It has the soft muted colors including her favorite soft blue trimmed hat and dress.  She is holding an an antique doll and teddy bear that will look familiar to many antique doll and bear collectors.  Her hair adds a sparkle to the picture with the ribbon and period hat.  This is really a colorful picture.  

Sara Mae was producted in an edition of 2,000.  This print is number 1287/2000.

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