"Danielle"  - Spring Flowers Plate Series - By Lisette De Winne
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"Danielle" is the Second collector plate painted by Artist Lisette Dewinne in the "Spring Flowers Series. It is personnally signed in gold. It is very special collector's plate from Stuart International, Inc and was producted in 1984 by the Bradford Exchange. The plate diameter is 8-1/2".

This beautiful painting depicts a young girl in pinafore and large bonnet posing among a profusion of colorful flowers. The bold and impressionist series, is finished with an equally bold banding of patterned gold.

"Danielle" is limited to only 5,500 plates worldwide and comes in original box with the Affidavit of Limited Edition stamped on the back of the plate. The Plate Number is 200 of 5,500 plates for the entire world.

Plate is for decorations only and not to be used in cooking or eating.

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