The 2 Seasons 2 plate Set  - By Mario Fernandez

"The Seasons" is a set of two, cheerful reproductions of wild birds in each of the two seasons. A colorful set of two individual Collecter Plates with a different wild bird scene on each plate.  

One Spring scene, "Spring Robins", (Plate Number 1216)
One Autumn scene, "Fall Cardinal", (Plate Number 651)
One Winter scene, "Winter Chickadee's", (Plate Number 651) Has been sold
Summer scene, Goldfinches (Plate Number 1940) Has Been Sold.

Plates are produced by Fountainhead for Pickard in 1986.
They are 9 inches in diameter. Individual Plates look great together or you can split them up and decorate more than one wall.  They enhance any room in your home or office.

These beautiful plates are listed seperately, or you may wish to purchase them as a set. If purchased as a 2 plate set it would normally be $100.00, however the Set is on Special Limited Time Sale for for $95.00.

The works and images of Mario Fernandez continue to fascinate the very large number of collectors that follow his inspiring and passionate creations. Fernandez aspires to elevate the spirit of those who come in contact with his works, and he succeeds. There is a unique quality, a blend of realism and magic, a touch of spiritualism and inspiration in every Fernandez Art plate or lithograph.

Mario Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba on February 25, 1946 and was imprisoned - for political dissent- by the Castro regime at the age of sixteen. In 1965 Mario found new freedom in the United States of America and started to develop his successful career. The work of Fernandez was destined to become a true American classic. His works continue to appreciate in value and in the hearts of those who have made this unique man a part of their lives.

A decorative Art Plate, not to be used for cooking or eating of food.

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