"The Gourmet" - 1985 - By Norman Rockwell
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    "The Gourmet, 1985, from the Rockwell Heritage Collection.
    It is plate number 10309C of the only Limited Edition of "The Gourmet".  Made in a Limited Edition permanently closed in 1985 by Knowles and Certified as a "True Rockwell Classic" by the Rockwell Society Of America.  The Gourmet is 8-1/2" in diameter and is Bradex Number 84-R40-3.9.  It is  of fine China from the Knowles Fine China Company.    
  • This Norman Rockwell painting first appeared in the April 1927 edition of People's Home Journal and depicts a little girl pouring a garnish of raisins over oatmeal, a final touch for the meal she has so lovingly prepared for her grandfather, baby sister and doll.   The plate comes with a FREE Plate Frame and its original box.

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