"Range Boss"  - By Olaf Wieghorst
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"Range Boss" - Olaf Wieghorst A Limited Edition Print of 999, plus 99 artist's proofs. Signed and Numbered, Image Size 18-1/2" x 28", Paper Acid free pH neutral, meets Archival Standards. This is in the Series of Golden West Collection, Series I. A Limited Edition Print Number 430/999.

This image of absolute authority on the open range. The Range Boss rode tall in the saddle and became a subject of myth makers and historians. Here, placed to the right where he seems isolated and socially above those in his charge . Mr Wieghorst seems to confirm the cowboy as a knight of the range, heroic independent and strong.

Long shadows suggest evening hours as dusky clouds prepare to mantel the landscape. The Range Boss sits at ease on his mount waiting for the chuck wagon and remuda to reach the camp site he has selected. The lack of extravagant action and the slow calculated movements of the column, brings the viewer in touch with the world of weariness and hard work.

This is truly a wonderful Lithograph and when framed it will be the center of your home.

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