"Tracking The Strays" - By Olaf Wieghorst
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"Tracking The Strays" - Olaf Wieghorst. A limited edition lithograph of 999, plus 99 artist proofs. Signed and numbered. Image size 11-1/2" x 22".. Paper Acid free pH neutral meets archival standards. This Lithograph is number 122.

Braving the elements, three riders search for stray livestock which may have been caught in the severe winter storm. One of the horses begins to graze upon the sparse grasses pushing throught the soft layer of snow and being fanned by the gusty winds. The riders have paused to look above from their vantage point on a knoll. A threatening sky promises more harsh weather adding further to the expediency for locating the lost animals. There is a urgency in the search, as lost cattle will have a severe economic effect on the ranchers.

The outcome of the contest man versus natue, remains elusive in this picture.

Copyright © ANGEL WINGS ART, Poway, California