"Prey" Cheh-ayjeh  - By Penni Anne Cross
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"Prey" - Cheh-ayjeh - Artist: Penni Anne Cross, Alawa-sta-we-ches. Published by Cross Gallery, Color Separated by Joe Baker, Intersep, Salt Lake City, Utah, Printed by Shamrock Press, Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah, Lithograph made from the Original Medium Oil. 

Edition size is 475 plus, 25 Hors de Commerce, 47 Artist's Proof's, 7 Printer's Proof's, 2 Copyright Proofs 1989 and 4 color separator's proofs.  This Lithograph is a Artist Proof Number 33 of 47.  It is personally signed and numbered by Artist Penni Anne Cross. 

Paper: Rag-cote 100% Rag: Print Size, 21-3/4" x 28-1/4", Image Size 29-3/4" x 26-1/4".

This beautiful poem came as a promotional with the Lithograph.

The one we seek is coming towards us, We are creatures of the sun
The one we seek goes quickly
From the beginning of the sun's home it comes to us,
Don't be shy you spirits, to be gone like a butterfly,
Don't you tire you spirits, of all the clouds between us?
The one we seek is coming towards us
Frost-flowers and sweet grass drop from its mouth,
Morning star and my Father listen.....
We have asked for a long breath and a large life,
The beautiful rays.... may they stain our faces with many colors.
The one we seek is coming towards us

Copyright © ANGEL WINGS ART, Poway, California