"Just Ducky" - Kitten Encounters Plate Series - By Pam Cooper
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"Just Ducky" is the 3rd issue in a series of eight in the Kitten Encounters collection plates series by artist Pam Cooper. This Series is limited to 14 firing days, 1986. It was created exclusively by Hamilton Collection for Royal Worcester English China. The plate is made of fine bone china with 24k gold band. It is strictly limited to a 14 day firing period. It is 8" diameter.

Series depicts adorable cats. in delightful characterization. This plate involves of a little duckling, swimming in a pond while a furry kitten is enjoying the water and the little duckling. We can imagine what must go through the mind of a fluffy, little kitten as she watches the baby duckling.

This plate is in mint mint condition in the original box, with a certificate of Authentenicity , plate # 00845 and other information from the Hamilton Collection.

Plate is for decorations only and not to be used in cooking or eating.

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