"Carousel Magic" - The Barefoot Children Collecion - By Sandra Kuck
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A warmhearted look at those memorable childhood moments when we could kick off our shoes and "wiggle our toes." At the turn of the century, one of the most expressive and enjoyable art media was that of carousel horses. "Carousel Magic" marks the fourth issue in Sandra Kuck's charming "The Barefoot Children Plate Collection. The plate is 9-1/4" fine porcelain plate is another of Ms Kuck's masterful visions of childhood's memories of freedom and delight. The rim is enhanced with a gleaming 23K gold.

This plate comes with the original box and a Certificate of Authenticity. Painted by American Artist, Sandra Kuck for and under exclusive commission to Reco International. This plate is fired on fine china expressly for this series, strictly limited to a 14 day firing period. This plate is numbered 4679CB.

Plate is for decorations only and not to be used in cooking or eating.

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