"Fireside Dreams" - A Childhood Almanac Plate Series - By Sandra Kuck
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"Fireside Dreams" - January plate - A Childhood Almanac Plate Series" - By Artist Sandra Kuck Plate was produced in 1985 by Reco International. Size: 9 1/4" in diameter and is enhanced by a 23K gold rim.

Fireside Dreams is issue 2 of a 12 plate - A Childhood Almanac Plate Series - by artist Sandra Kuck. This series of plates marks Sandra Kuck's most ambitious plate collection to date: twelve original paintings inspired by the months of the year.

These two small children are under a cozy quilt and are cuddled up by the fire. To make life just perfect, they are also holding their most precious possesions.

Beautiful composition with lovely detail and color. "Fire Side Dreams", is limited to only 14 firing days. It comes with the original box and Certificate of Authenticity with plate number signed in gold, plate number 1039bn .

Plate is for decorations only and not to be used in cooking or eating.

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