"A Time Together" - 1988 Mother's Day Plate Series - By Sandra Kuck
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"A Time Together" - Mother's Day Plate - By Artist Sandra Kuck. Strictly limited: Edition closed forever on Mother's Day, 1988. 9-1/4" diameter with a beautiful 23K gold rim.

This plate is an authentic original painted by American artist, Sandra Kuck, honoring Mother's Day 1988, for and under exclusive commission to Reco International with an exclusive offering of " The Hamilton Collection. This edition is fired on fine china and is limited to a firing period closing permanently on May 7, 1988.

This lovingly nostalgic work portrays a young mother and her precious son, celebrating Mother's Day in a country meadow, admiring the beauty of nature. The little boy is transixed by a butterfly's graceful flight.

A Time Together comes in its original box with a Certificate of Authenticity, Plate Number 0035SM, and additional writeup.

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