"Quiet Of The Evening" - By Terry Redlin
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"Quiet Of The Evening" Strict Limited Edition Lithograph , Image 14" x 24", Edition of 4,800 Signed and Numbered, 480 AP's.This picture is number 4496/4800.

In this idyllic scene, the artist captures the essence of an earlier period in rural America.

A serene, more reflective time from America's past with the visions that have touched a responsive chord in thousands and thousands of Americans, making this art amoung the most popular in a contemporary society.

Many can easily relate to this nostalgic image, either from a now fading personal memory or as part of a broadly shared heritage.

This Lithograph will enhance the atmosphere in any room with one or more of these perennial favorite prints by Terry Redlin. The artist blends subtle colors with brilliant highlights to set the mood in these outdoor scenes.

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