Indian Summer, By Terry Redlin
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"Indian Summer"  By Artist Terry Redlin.
"Opening beautiful new windows to the world of nature".

Indian Summer is strict limited edition print number 517/4800, from an edition of 4,800 with 480 Artist's proofs and 4 publisher's proofs.  Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for number 517.   Indian Summer was released in April, 1989.  It is printed on high quality pH neutral paper which meets Archival Standards.
Certified that the copyrighted strict limited editon print described here was produced from the original oil and has been personally inspected and signed by the artist.  Printing plates have been destroyed, and there will be no additional "open editions", "second editions", "special editions", "poster editions", "decorated prints" or "calandar art" from this image.  Small reproductions may be used as magazine covers and for articles, etc for publishing the art edition.

Indian Summer is one of the most beautiful Nature artwork  published during the 1980's. 

Terry Redlin's art work  can rival the objective standards of excellence achieved by a artist.  He is one of the country's truly outstanding painters of wildlife during the 80;s and in 1986, he was named Conservationist of the Year-Magum Donor by the Minnesota Waterfowl Associtation, for his gifts of entire editions.    

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